My Favorite Melbourne Based Food Blogs

Burgers of Melbourne

The whole concept of this blog is to explore the idea of finding the bests Burger Melbourne has to offer. I love this blog for the simple fact that it provides a look into the variety and the creativity of food that the the city of Melbourne entails. Talk about a simple idea growing into a great campaign.


Italy On My Mind

While the author of the blog is based in Melbourne, the content very much focuses on Italian cuisine and travels to Italy. Personally, this is one of my favourite Italian cuisine blogs to visit given the simplicity and the accessibility of the site. It’s also great reading about the authors various and eccentric trips/holidays that captures my imagination.


Lisa Eats World

This is a great blog that heavily features the best of Melbourne Cuisine and features the best places in Melbourne to go out and enjoy. The imagery and the detail that the author provides is my favourite aspect of the blog. Every blog post provides extensive detail and helpful information regarding the establishments that is reviewed. This is a site that is both informational and aesthetically beautiful to look at.


They Call Me Maggie

I love this blog for the fact that it provides a focus on a spectrum of different cultural cuisines that is part of Melbourne. The site itself if simple to navigate and easy to use.


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