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Journals: Go To Breakfast

I have to be honest, like most people, life can be a rush and there are days where I have no more than 10 minutes to prepare breakfast. My usual routine on busy days mainly includes toast with Butter and Marmite (or Vegemite for the aussies) or Oatmeals with toppings of choice. However, when there are days where I do have time, I like to prepare a plate with contrasting flavours which produces a hearty meal.

This following plate is my go to breakfast when I have some to relax and take time to prepare it. This isn’t a complicated or sophisticated dish but it is a hearty meal that leaves me with a lot of energy for the rest of the day.

Sliced Cheese

This is simple to have another quick and easy element to the meal, I just slice up some Tasty cheese and serve it on the side.

Avocado with lemon

I keep it pretty simple with the Avocado and just simply slice it into cubes, add some grounded pepper and pour some freshly squeezed lemon on it.

Bun with a Garlic and Butter Spread

I used a simple white bun for this and toasted it on both sides to create light crunch. After toasting, I buttered it with canola butter and added some finely diced garlic. This fresh garlic gives it a slight edge and a stronger flavour.

Spicy Omelette

I don’t know about you but I like my Omelette to have a bit of a bite it to it so in addition to salt & pepper, I like to sprinkle some chilli powder on it. Along with the seasonings, I like to add diced garlic (can you tell that I love garlic) and some curry leaves.


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