Breakfast Journal: Avocado & Papaya

Refreshing taste, vibrant color, and the range of health benefits makes Papaya one of my favourite fruits to eat.

Being Sri Lankan, Papaya is one of the most commonly enjoyed fruits however it’s true that in Australia this is less likely. I would like to mention that whilst previously Papaya was a rare and exotic fruit, it is widely available in most supermarkets.

Papaya is loaded with health benefits which includes high fibre and Vitamin C which boosts your immunity. It also boosts metabolism and burns calories, provides vitamin A, Vitamin E and antioxidants like beta-carotene. I’ve read up on it on this article and was pleasantly surprised myself.

In truth, the most common way I enjoy Papaya is by serving a slice either after a meal or as part of breakfast. Knowing the health benefits now, I want to explore more adventurous recipes where I can use Papaya and I will keep all that updated on here.

But as part of my journal: above is what I had for breakfast today which includes simple Avocado toast with a fresh slice of Papaya.

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