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Breakfast Journal: Avocado & Papaya

Refreshing taste, vibrant color, and the range of health benefits makes Papaya one of my favourite fruits to eat. Being Sri Lankan, Papaya is one of the most commonly enjoyed fruits however it’s true that in Australia this is less likely. I would like to mention that whilst previously Papaya was a rare and exoticContinue reading “Breakfast Journal: Avocado & Papaya”


My Favorite Melbourne Based Food Blogs

Burgers of Melbourne The whole concept of this blog is to explore the idea of finding the bests Burger Melbourne has to offer. I love this blog for the simple fact that it provides a look into the variety and the creativity of food that the the city of Melbourne entails. Talk about a simpleContinue reading “My Favorite Melbourne Based Food Blogs”

Journals: Go To Breakfast

I have to be honest, like most people, life can be a rush and there are days where I have no more than 10 minutes to prepare breakfast. My usual routine on busy days mainly includes toast with Butter and Marmite (or Vegemite for the aussies) or Oatmeals with toppings of choice. However, when thereContinue reading “Journals: Go To Breakfast”