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Spicy Salmon Stir Fry

Salmon is one of my favourite seafood to make given the low preparation time and the healthy benefits it entails. This is a quick and easy dish that packs a powerful punch. Personally speaking, this my favourite method of cooking salmon given the different flavours that are developed.

200g Salmon Fillet
4 cloves of Garlic finely diced
Curry Leaves 
Green Chilli (Optional) 
1/2 a cup of Lemon
 Red Chilli 

Step By Step

  1. Slice the Salmon into medium sized cubes. The size is optional to your liking.
  2. Make a marinade mixture of Lemon juice, garlic, ginger, pepper, red chilli and salt. 
  3. Marinade the Salmon in the mixture and let it sit for about 15 minutes. 
  4. Pour a drizzle of Olive oil and heat the pan. Put curry leaves and garlic until the oil heats up.
  5. After the pan is sufficiently hot, put the salmon and the green chilli into the pan. Pour the marinade mixture in for a deeper flavour. 
  6. Cook until the salmon is slightly deeper in colour or until you are happy with the consistency
  7. The key to this dish is the marinade and the amount of chilli & garlic that is put in. I like to add a fair amount of chilli to get a richer flavour but this of course is dependent on preference


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