Tea Tree Facial Wash – Body Shop Review

I decided to write a review on this product because the ‘Body Shop Tea tree facial wash’ has become my favorite skin care product I have ever used. Before I go on, I would like to further add that this is in no way a sponsored post. 
As someone who has been struggling with acne and blemished skin for a few years, this product has been so helpful as a daily facial wash. The tea tree element ensures that this facial wash is quite string and can dry out the skin quite quickly. I personally have very oily skin so its perfect for me but of you naturally have quite dry skin, I would suggest using a cream like Aloe Vera after applying it. This was the advice given to me by one of the Body Shop employees. 
One of my favorite aspects of this product is that it cleans the skin so well and gets rid of makeup as well. The facial wash is very concentrated so I only use a small amount every time. Furthermore, I found that it leaves a very refreshing feel on my face. And lastly, as a nice bonus this is a non animal tested product. 
You can find the product at any Body Shop wesbsite or shops

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